Invest in your skin. It is going to represent you for a very long time – Linden Tyler.

One of the perks of being a beauty blogger is that you are given opportunities to collaborate with different brands.

A while ago, I was approached by RH Organics to review some skincare products.

I am a blogger not an influencer.

This is not a paid ad. It is a mash up of some beauty tips and a product review. If a post sound scripted or like a commercial – I feel it doesn’t sound authentic. But that is only my opinion, I am sure others will disagree.

I use the products for over a month so that I could give you an informed opinion.

RH Organics Beauty Skin Care is a non-toxic and chemical-free skincare line. It is not a white label. These products were created in RH Organics own labs, by chemists and natural product formulators. To read more behind the brand and the co-founders Melanie and Ken Nickels, click here.

Before you use any skincare products, here are some basic tips.

Wash your hands | It may be obvious but you would be surprised how many people skip this step.

Water temperature | Even though hot water opens up pores, it also strips skin of moisture and natural oils – you should wash/rinse your face with warm water.

Sunscreen | Whatever time you spend on your skincare regime each morning or evening won’t be effective if you don’t use sunscreen.

Quick application tips:
For cleansers gently massage the product, using your fingertips, onto damp skin – using a circular motion. Rinse your face and then pat dry with a clean towel.

Serums will penetrate better if your skin is damp. I use the cushions of my fingers to gently massage the product into my skin.

I am going to review the products in the order I used them and keep it short and sweet.

The more information you have when choosing any beauty product the better!

I have included the links to the website, so that you can read the full description for each of the products.

Anti-Blemish Foaming Face Wash 4 oz

This is a lightweight foaming face wash. The pump is super easy to use; the product doesn’t drip so the dispenser never gets clogged up. I liked it because it didn’t strip my skin of moisture or leave it feeling tight and dry. The one thing I would recommend is using a pre-cleanser if you are wear makeup – especially mascara. I found using just the face wash didn’t remove all my eye makeup.

QUICK NOTE: What I liked about the packaging is the detailed directions — they actually mention your décolletage! So you’ll know when/where to apply the product and for how long.

RH Organics Anti-Aging Peptide Face & Neck Firming Lotion

This was my favorite out of the three. You can use this as an eye cream – but I used it as a face mask. It has a jelly consistency, which makes it easy to apply. It’s not sticky or oily so, as long as you have your hair tied back – you can walk around the house or chill on the couch – while the product works it’s magic.

RH Organics Anti-Aging Vitamin C Serum

I have to make a confession.

I didn’t start using Vitamin C in my skincare routine until my BFF told me about it. It has a bunch of amazing benefits like evening out your skin tone, improving hydration, and keeping your skin looking fresh.

The Vitamin C Serum comes in a dropper bottle. I hold the tip of the dispenser close to my face and apply a few drops to my forehead, cheeks, neck and décolletage area. I did this once a week and then waited for the serum absorb before applying my under eye and face cream.

Although I liked this product – I do prefer my Vitamin C capsules and sheet masks to the serum.

Here are the differences I noticed in my skin when I incorporated these three products in my regular skincare routine (exfoliation, retinol cream, sunscreen, under eye cream and face cream).

  • It looked noticeably healthier – more even skin tone with more of a glow.
  • It felt smoother and my pores were visibly reduced.
  • I notice a huge difference when I was putting on my makeup. My liquid foundation went on much easier and more evenly.
  • My Mother noticed the change in my skin after the third week and asked me if I was doing anything different. As a hair stylist she has a strong attention to detail, that is when I knew it was REALLY working.

Having a skincare routine is an investment, as well as a time commitment. And, even though you won’t see results overnight, stick with it because it will all be worth it!