Beauty is such a fluid term.

What one person finds beautiful may be very different for someone else. But I think that’s what makes humans so interesting. We are all different.

These days there is a beauty product for everything – those that enhance features, those that camouflage and then there is everything in between.

Confidence brings beauty.

Sometimes beauty products are for something deeper. It’s more than just outward appearances – it’s about feeling good from the inside out. Looking in the mirror and feeling complete and at peace.

A few years ago my best friend was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was a tough battle but she beat it and today she proudly wears the title of a survivor.

As one could imagine – this was a life altering event. When you go through something like this, it changes you forever.

I’ve asked her to share some of her story and how she coped with some of the changes her body went through, in hopes that others, experiencing the same thing, will find solace in her words.

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The Look: Big City Nights

What were some of the changes you had to deal with when you were going through your treatment?

Everyone of course is different and you don’t know how your going to feel or react. I took my doctors advice and didn’t google anything.

Went into every appointment with a positive attitude.

Besides the obvious of losing your hair, the weight gain was the toughest part. You don’t realize it, with all the medication you are taking. As well with the fatigue and trying to keep an active normal life.

Your hair looks remarkable. Can you share with our readers what your scalp care was during your treatment?

My best friend (you Natasha) introduced me to Genevieve of “Carolyn’s Hair & Wig Design” which is a salon as well specializing in wigs, hair care treatments during chemotherapy or in general hair loss.

Genevieve educated me on how my scalp would feel after my first round of chemo and of how to care for my scalp. I purchased the “Terapo Medik” two step shampoo and scalp lotion system and alternated these products for up to one year, after I had my head shaved to bald, to hair regrowth.

Your lashes were a bit different. What was the difference pre and post treatment.

I didn’t realize that my lashes would fall out as well. It was depressing enough that I lost my hair and brows and now my lashes!

Pre chemo I had long full lashes after chemo the lashes grew back slowly and they didn’t quite return to what I had, they are short and not as thick.

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The Look: Amp It Up

You have tried different ways to get the fullness you had with your lashes before. What is different about the ESQIDO mink lashes?

When I saw your first post regarding the Esqido lashes I thought to myself I need these! You so kindly gave me two pairs and I instantly fell in love! The difference is that Esqido makes them so light and easy to apply. The mink gives you such a natural look, you can go as dramatic or soft looking as you please, that’s what I love about this product!

I know applying them took a little getting use to – but how do you feel looking in the mirror after you have them on?

Like anything practice makes perfect. I honestly feel like my old self again when I have them on, I couldn’t ask for a better product purchase.

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Up close look: Big City Nights

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Up close look: Amp It Up

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