Melinda Farina, is the President/Founder of Beauty Brokers Inc., and a health/beauty expert.

She has so much knowledge – dispelling myths, posting tips, facts and tidbits on her Instagram page (you should definitely check it out) and we are going to share some of them on our blog.

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One thing we have in common is our strong belief in sun safety. So I thought it would be the best place to start off!

No matter if you #tan easily or not, it’s very important that you take the necessary #precautions and strengthen your #natural defenses. I know we’ve all heard the term. “base tan,” and it has become rather universally known as a way to protect ourselves from #sunburn. However, it is a #false notion. The Center for Disease Control (#CDC) says that your base tan is equivalent to about a sunscreen of #SPF 2 — quite a big difference from the recommended SPF 30 (plus)

SPF 30 can help to protect you against all sun damage — including both #DNA #mutations leading to #cancer and the weakening of connective fibers in the #skin causing #wrinkles, #sagging, or #sunspots. Remember, no matter if you have dark or fair skin, you are still susceptible to skin cancer or sun damage.

When you are out in the sun, stay safe by wearing SPF 30 + and reapplying often during prolonged exposure, sweating, or swimming. Cute hats, cover-ups, and hanging out in the shade are also great ways to keep your skin safe.

Healthy skin is much more important than a tan!

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