Melinda Farina, is the President/Founder of Beauty Brokers Inc., and a health/beauty expert.

She is always dispelling myths, sharing important tips, facts and tidbits. So to spread the Beauty Broker’s wisdom, I’m going to share some of her knowledge on my blog.

Instagram: @beautybrokerofficial

Who knew a little nut could have so much beauty power!

Instagram: @beautybrokerofficial

Instagram: @beautybrokerofficial


1) Define Jawline: With your index fingers and thumbs, pinch the skin along your jawline starting from the center of the chin and going outward to just below your ears. This will clear any congestion in the skin tissue that may be causing swelling and puffiness.

2) Lift Cheekbones: Take your index and middle fingers and use them to push up under your cheekbones from the center of your face out toward your temples. Finish by pinching the fleshy part of your cheeks to increase circulation for an instant glow.

3) Depuff Eyes: Using your ring fingers, lightly press and lift along your brow bone from the inner to outer corners of your eyes, repeat under eyes. This technique gently pumps out lymphatic fluid to deflate puffiness and lessen dark circles.

4) Soften Lines: Place your thumbs at your temples and use your three middle fingers to draw small circles from the center of your forehead out to the sides of your face. This reduces tension which can minimize lines from facial movements like frowning.

Instagram: @beautybrokerofficial

What temperature water should I use to cleanse my face?

Room temperature water or just warmer, is the best temperature to cleanse the face. Water that is too hot, can contribute to couperose (broken capillaries), and exacerbated inflammation.

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@beautybrokerofficial: Loved this. I have too many clients that start a product and give up on it after a few days. Everyone wants instant gratification results and sometimes a little patience goes far when it comes to #skincare. Great chart @babeandbeauty (I’ll repost again once my original page is back up) very informative and sets expectations straight!

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