Monthly beauty boxes are all the rage right now.

The idea of a beauty box subscription is appealing. You get to try new cosmetics or products without having to buy a full size. This way if you don’t like it – it won’t be wasted money.

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Glossy Box

When I Googled the words “beauty box” I got 68,300,000 results in 0.63 seconds.

There are so many different companies doing them. I had no idea.

How do you begin to choose which one is right for you?

This is when a buyer’s guide really helps you make a decision – especially if it takes all the guess work out.

One I found really useful was by They created a comprehensive guide to help figure out which beauty box subscription is right for you.

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It breaks down the features: what you should look for when it comes to pricing, sample and product offerings, subscription services and customization options.

One thing that would never have crossed my mind – does the website offer tutorials? There is no point of getting a product that you will have no idea how to use right?Beauty Box 101 Bernardi Beauty Blog (4)

It gives a 101 of the different types of beauty boxes: monthly, occasional, quarterly, brand/product/consumer specific. They also offer consumer and expert reviews of different beauty boxes as well. I think this was my favorite part of the guide.

I always read consumer reviews when I am online shopping. Some are more helpful than others but if they are taking the time to write something good or bad – it is worth the read.

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