There are so many talented hair artists in our city. New and upcoming talent is what is going to keep the beauty industry going. They are the future.

Meet Sara Koubaissi, she was exposed to the hairdressing profession at a young age and ended up loving it.

Passion is one of the secret ingredients to having a successful career.

Sara Koubaissi

Junior Stylist | Texture Hair Boutique
Instagram: @hairsbysara

You were kind of born into the hair industry. You began working in your mom’s in-home salon when you were 15 years old. What was it about the profession that sparked your passion?

When I first started, I was only helping my mom out around the shop. She wanted to give me that little bit of experience, even if I grew up not to like it.

I ended up loving it.

It’s because of the smiles it puts on peoples faces. That is the one thing I love – to make people happy and feel good, plus I get to be creative doing it.

You did your studies at Algonquin College. Did you find the curriculum prepared you for working behind the chair or did you learn that once you were in the salon?

Yes! Algonquin did teach me a lot of things and I would say it did prepare me and also gave me more confidence once I was in the salon. But the main lesson is in the shop, because it gives you that real life experience.

You get to work with people that already have that knowledge and experience so you get to learn from that and see what makes you comfortable doing your job.

One of the major benefits of working in a salon setting is that you are around other creatives. Artists support and inspire each other. How has working at the shop helped you as an artist?

Working at the shop and around artists is what got me to grow and be creative. They’re different artists at every salon which gives me the advantage of learning different things from them.

Instagram: @hairsbysara
Social media has become a big part of the hair industry. I’m surprised when stylists don’t take advantage of these tools. It’s basically free advertising. Plus in this day in age – people’s attention spans are so short that if you are not ‘visible’ to people – they will forget about you and move on. It’s just the nature of the social media beast.
Do you find platforms like Instagram are important for stylists?

Yes, very important!

You get to learn from it and also benefit from it. To get started you don’t need a big amount of followers to be successful, you just need to be consistent and slowly you grow from there.

Social media has its benefits, but it also has its pitfalls. Some clients see something and want it – whether it is realistic or not doesn’t really come into play. How important is educating clients in order to manage their expectations?

That is where the consultations come in play and I feel like that is the most important thing. The consultation is where you get to know about your client and their hair history. That’s how you can manage their expectations. You always have to let your client know the process and that not everyone’s hair is the same.

Instagram: @hairsbysara
Maintaining your hair with products, treatments and a healthy diet is so important. What are some haircare tips you can offer our readers?

I love hair products – they’re important and keep your hair looking in good shape.

I always like to use products after a shower, either a leave-in, a good serum, it is a way to keep the hair moisturized and protected.

I also recommend that you have a good shampoo and conditioner – that plays a big role in your hair.

Also doing hair treatment every once in awhile and to always use heat protectant before applying heat on your hair.

And don’t forget to stay on those haircuts every couple of months!

The hair industry is very similar to the fashion industry. Trends are always changing and evolving and everyone wants to have the latest look. How do you stay on top of all the trends, techniques and latest products?

Trends are what keeps us going and learning in the industry. For artists, to stay on top of trends, we always have to be looking out for what is in style – we have to keep up on social media, magazines, celebrities, big hair companies and with other stylists.

Instagram: @hairsbysara
What is your definition of beauty?

To me, the definition of beauty is confidence!

Always do what makes you happy and feel good and everything just goes on from there.

What is the best thing about going into work every day and being behind the chair?

Every day is a new day, when you are working in the salon. Your days are never the same.

Everyday is a challenge and that is what I like.

I get to do something different each day and that is what inspires me to do what I love.

Do you have a daily beauty routine?

Of course. I always like to look good going into work, even if I decide to have a simple day. Making sure my hair, face and outfit look good – I want to present myself well.

What are some of your hair and make-up must haves?

For my hair I always need to have a good shampoo and conditioner, that’s a must! Also hair serum and cream that have heat protectant and a good hair mask.

For my face I like to keep it very simple – a good moisturizer and primer, a little bit of eyebrow filling, mascara and lip gloss.

How would you describe your personal style?

I like to be comfortable and other days I like to dress up a little more. I’m into all styles – classic, casual, street etc.

What is your favorite way to pamper yourself?

They are so many ways I like to pamper myself, just depends on how I’m feeling. Some days I like a hot bath and a face mask and then some days I like to get my hair and nails done and put on a cute outfit and go out for dinner.

Finally, what three words describe you best?

I like to describe myself as enthusiastic, hard working, and honest.

Feature Photo/Hair Credit: @reganthehairkitten