I love all forms of art.

A few weeks ago, my sister surprised me with a fashion inspired piece from local artist Agata Zaborowski. Not only is she a talented artist, she is also a wonderful human being with a big spirit and even bigger heart.

When she is a world famous artist – I can tell everyone I have an original piece!

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Agata Zaborowski

Instagram: @agatazaborowski
Facebook: Pazab Gallery: Two Artists One Canvass

Pazab Gallery | Ottawa, ON

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Where do you draw your inspiration as an artist?

I draw inspiration from everyday things that make me happy. People, family, old friends and new. I love to people watch and draw in happy positive energy.

I use bright colors to capture and secure this positivity and share it through art.

I think art and music are so important and should be part of the education system. How do you think art enriches children’s lives?

I believe art enriches children’s live immensely. It gives them an outlet and an inspiration to express their individuality.

Agata and her husband, Preston, who is also an artist, are going to be collaborating on a new series. So don’t forget to like their Facebook page – so you can check it out.


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