Have you ever heard the saying — you need to see something three times before it sticks?

Well this is how I added dry brushing to my beauty routine.

I first heard about dry brushing from Melinda Farina ‘aka‘ the Beauty Broker. It made total sense to me. You brush your hair, and your teeth why not your skin?

And so the hunt for a brush began.

Then one afternoon as I waited for my smoothie at RAW, I picked up a pamphlet about their reboot cleanse. In it, they mentioned dry skin brushing as a way to enhance a cleanse. It also reminded me that I still needed to find a brush.

The third time is when I was approached by Jessica from Prana Brush – that is when it stuck. I met her a few months ago when I collaborated with her on a previous post.

One of the perks of having my blog, is that I get the opportunity to collaborate with different artists and brands. Although if I am being honest – the number of opportunities I turn down versus the ones I actually agree to, is about ten to one. I made a personal decision a while ago to do these things only if it felt right or made sense for my brand.

When she told me that her new company was selling ionic body brushes – it was like the beauty gods were trying to tell me something.

So now I could stop searching for a brush and finally find out what all the hype was about.

Ionic Body Brush

First off – dry brushing is super easy. Even though some of them do — this brush requires no oil.

The band on the back gives you a good grip making it super comfortable to hold. The brush doesn’t move around or slip off my hand. Now, this doesn’t have a long handle so doing your back is a little tricky – but not impossible.

I dry brush before I shower in the mornings. It takes me about 3-4 minutes to do my whole body (I skip my face, neck and décolleté). I use very gentle/smooth long strokes. I start at the soles of my feet and then work my way up my body.

There are a lot of infographics showing which direction you should brush each section on your body. This is the one I printed out and used as a guide.

IMPORTANT: Avoid brushing any skin that is irritated/broken and take extra care with any abrasions or raised moles.

So it’s been a few weeks now and I’m definitely going to add this too my weekly beauty routine for two reasons:

1. It does a great job of exfoiliating my skin – it feels smoother and creams absorb much better. And as my friend and makeup artist Sandrina always says:

When you don’t exfoliate, you are putting cream on top of dead skin. Which means your moisturizer isn’t doing anything.

2. It feels so therapeutic! It makes me take a few moments to relax and pay attention to myself. I look better because I feel better.

Look good, feel good and make the world a better place.

Prana gives back.

Your purchase will help some of the most vulnerable communities in the world. Prana donates 15% of their profit to several non-profit organizations that work to supply nutritious food to families in developing countries.

Website: Prana Brush