I get hundreds of emails a year through the blog – press releases, product promotions, collaboration offers – the list goes on.

An email I received a few months ago from Allettare PR stood out. It told the story of an incredible hair journey – one that led to something amazing.

Here is my interview with Pam Trice founder and CEO of Tress Organix.

Pam Trice

Founder and CEO, Tress Organix

Website: www.tressorganix.com
Instagram: @tressorganix

Tell us a little bit about what inspired you to start this venture.

Starting a hair care line was never something I imagined (at least not so soon) but as a Mom who will go all out for the general health and well-being of her daughters, what is there not to try?

My inspiration came from having to help my daughter restore her damaged hair from over processing, because of the relaxers she used at the time. She also had a special interest in swimming, so her hair often was exposed to chlorine. As if that weren’t enough, she also had to battle heat damage owing to excessive hair coloring.

I spent an enormous amount of money on hair care products, not just for her, but also for my other two daughters. They all have different hair types, so I had to purchase products that suited each of them. My focus was to ensure they would have healthy hair again.

Having healthy hair is matchless.

I thought to myself, this is my daughter’s hair at risk; I could really help her by starting my own hair care line. I wasn’t quite sure how to start at the time, but I knew the products would require natural ingredients to gain the moisture which she desperately needed.

I call it the result of the hard work of a concerned mom with a medical background who was determined to find a solution for her daughter’s hair. This is the reason I put so much into ensuring Tress Organix became a reality.

Starting a hair care line is a massive undertaking. Can you tell us about the research and testing you underwent in order to formulate your premium product line?

For starters, I knew it was necessary to conduct research and numerous tests on the hair and scalp from porosity to performance and more. I was committed to ensuring the safety of my daughters’ hair and in the long run, my customers, so I welcomed the services of professionals.

The clinical studies and research became better with the help of dermatologists and tricologists who had ample experience in clinical assessment.

How did your background in healthcare as a certified Dialysis Technician help you develop your products?

Starting a hair care line can be difficult, but with a lot of research and determination I was able to push forward. Deciding to make it natural also required a lot of influence, especially from the medical field. Thankfully, my background as a certified dialysis technician came in handy. I was also able to look for the right ingredients, as well as, the accurate mix for each product of Tress Organix.

My experience as a dialysis technician served as a journey to prepare me for an even greater journey ahead. The blood stream of the human body is largely pivotal to hair growth and performance, and I must say that my knowledge of the human body allowed me to be more creative with this opportunity.

Education and awareness is so important when it comes to your skin, hair, beauty products and tools. Your blog has several informative posts covering an array of topics. Why is educating your customers an important part of your brand?

It is important to educate customers so they may know the do’s and don’ts about their hair. Knowing your hair and the product allows the customer to become educated so they may receive the best results. It is in the best interest of the customer to learn the various ways to utilize Tress Organix products effectively for their hair.

Education Is Key.

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In your interview with Anita Padilla on Good Day Chicago – she said that if you’re having a good hair day, the rest of the day falls into place. This is something I believe in as well. Why do you think we have such an emotional attachment to our hair?

We have a personal and emotional attachment to our hair as it’s reflection of our identity. Our self-esteem can be affected by our hair the way it looks and feels says everything about us.

We truly feel our hair is our crown.

Tress Organix: Organic hair care products (sulfate and paraben free) designed to hydrate and strengthen all hair types.
Self-care and empowering women from all backgrounds to embrace their natural beauty is a big part of your mission. Tell us about your past involvement with DayGleam.

My brand is one that takes pride in self-care and the natural beauty of women and as such, attending DayGleam was a major highlight for me. We were able to speak with several attendees about their hair, asking questions and listening to their hair journey.

The wellness event organized by MADE Maven featured an immersive experience of beauty and wellness in terms of inspired power panels, healthy food and beverages, exercises, mobile spa services and treatments and lots more. The event also had in attendance, vendors of natural beauty products making it an informative yet social event.

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