The internet has a lot of advice and opinions – it can be overwhelming.

I’m a strong believer that for hair and beauty advice – you go to the professionals. Those stylists, barbers and makeup artists that are trained, experienced and have a passion for what they do.

Here is some hair advice from one of my favorite artists – Jessica.

Jessica Scott Santo

Hair Stylist | Educator | Salon Owner

Jessica Scott Hair Salon | Sciota PA
Instagram: @jessicascotthair

Shampoo + Conditioner

Good shampoo and conditioner bought from a salon and not a retail store like Amazon, Target, Walmart.

Make sure it is sulfate free! Color safe is not the same as sulfate free. If you’re unsure, look on the back of the shampoo bottle at the second ingredient after aqua. If it says Sodium Laurel Sulfate DO NOT USE. That is a stripping agent that will strip your color and the good oils out of your hair.

If you invest money in your hair, you will need to invest in good products to keep it looking its best!

Styling Products

For my non-product users, always start out with a good leave in conditioner. It is your daily vitamin for your hair. Then I would suggest a styling aid.

Example: If you want smooth, frizz free hair, get some type of smoothing cream or if you want volume, get a volume cream or spray to achieve your look of choice.

Do not wash you hair every day

A lot of people complain that they have to wash their hair every day because it gets too oily. Well, the reason it gets too oily is that you are washing it every day!

Crazy right?

Every time you wash your hair, your oil glands keep reproducing and are replenishing from your daily hair washing. So therefore, you’re producing a lot of oils. So start by washing every other day and using a good dry shampoo. You should notice a change within two weeks.

Limit your heat source

Big one right here!

If you absolutely need to blow dry your hair, wait until your hair is air dried about 90% of the way and then fluff it up with the blow dryer – but never hot heat. Always use medium or cool.

You will slowly kill your hair and make it brittle and dry if you keep up with the blow drying.


Never go more than 10-12 weeks without a haircut or trim. Once you get split ends, there is no way to repair them unless you trim them off. If you do not trim them off, they will travel up the hair shaft and break off.