Feb 27, 2015

Spread the Hair Love

We love spotlighting local talent, businesses and events on our blog. This fundraiser caught my attention because it has to do with one of my loves – hair.

Hair Donation Ottawa is an annual, non-profit, cancer research fundraiser where people raise pledges for donating their hair and/or shaving their heads and they receive a wash, cut and style or shave.

Participating hair stylists from various Ottawa and area salons, as well as teaching staff and students from the Algonquin College Hair Stylist program, volunteer their time for this cause.

I love that the proceeds of this event are so far reaching – they impact a wide array of people and causes.

Proceeds go towards:

Adult and Childhood Cancer Research at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute and The Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) Research Institute.

An annual $500 Bursary to a financially challenged Algonquin College Hair Stylist Program student to help offset their tuition fees and/or text books.

All 6″+ hair donations go to 360-Hair – a Canadian company providing free wigs for financially challenged children & young adult cancer patients across Canada.


Here is our chat with Helene Hutchings who is the Founder and Chairperson of Hair Donation Ottawa.

Tell us a bit about the history of the fundraiser and how it got started.

I was diagnosed and successfully treated for cancer in 2010 at The Ottawa Hospital and wanted a way to be able to say “Thank You” to the hospital and medical profession that helped save my life.

I had a 50% chance of losing my hair – but didn’t – yet many cancer patients lose not only their hair but their lives.

So, in 2011 I came up with the idea for Hair Donation Ottawa to raise funds for cutting edge cancer research at The Ottawa Hospital; we added CHEO as a beneficiary in 2013 as the need for specific childhood cancer research became more and more apparent.

We held our 1st fundraiser back in April 2011 in a Salon in Stittsville, moving to Algonquin College in 2013 as the need for a much larger venue became apparent.

Our FIFTH annual event is taking place on Sunday 26th April 2015 at the new $6.5 million Algonquin College Salon where we will have in excess of 250 hair donors/headshavers, 45 licensed stylists from various Ottawa hair salons, Algonquin College Hair Stylists Program students and professors, 40 general volunteers and over 600 family and friends to cheer people on!

We keep going from strength to strength raising more and more money and awareness for the cutting edge, biotherapeutic cancer research that’s taking place here in Ottawa, Canada that is having a GLOBAL impact.

What is the feedback you get from hair stylist after they have participated in the event?

Some comments I’ve had:

· Amazing, fun filled, high energy day.

· So fulfilling to be able to give back in this way.

· Fantastic to see stylists from various salons join together and volunteer their time and talent for such a great cause.

How did Green Circle Salons get involved with the fundraiser?

Algonquin College Salon & Spa is a partner with Green Circle Salons which is fantastic! It means that all hair below 6” and/or unsuitable for wig-making will be used to create hair mats for oil spills on waterways worldwide – so we can use ALL the hair that people cut off!

For those people who are not ready to part with their locks – how else can they donate?

They can donate on-line via our website www.HairDonationOttawa.com or at any TD Bank with money going into the “Hair Donation Ottawa” account. Tax receipts will be provided for all $20+ donations.


Our friends at Texture Hair Boutique are participating this year – to support their fundraising efforts please click here.



Stylists are one of the most passionate and giving professions out there. Check out the full list of participating Stylists/Salons and how you can support them.

2015 participating Salons/Stylists
How to donate

Feb 25, 2015

Travis Fimmel

Happy Wednesday – we’re halfway through the workweek.

It’s all in those baby blues – like seriously could get lost in those eyes.


Feb 23, 2015

Style Fix Spotlight: Jennyfer Desprez


Tell us a little bit about the Miss World Canada pageant.

Miss World Canada is a pageant looking for the most beautiful woman – inside and outside – to represent the country in different events including Miss World.

How did you get involved with the pageant?

I was simply looking at the new Miss France page on the web and wondered if we had anything like that here in Canada. When I found out that we could apply for Miss World Canada I took my chance!

The Miss World Canada National Finals will take place in Vancouver, BC in May 2015. Are you getting nervous?

Not at all! I think it will be an amazing journey and I can’t wait to meet the other girls! We’re going to have so much fun with all the activities they prepared for us.

How are you preparing for the press conferences, photo shoots and preliminary competitions in Vancouver?

The only thing that makes me nervous about the press conferences is the fact that my french is way better than my english, so I have to practice my english a lot! I’m trying to do a lot of photo shoots before Vancouver to practice some poses and to be more confident in front of the camera. I’m also practicing my walk for the crowning gala.

Do you have a fitness routine you follow to stay healthy and help you keep up with your busy schedule?

Yes! I’m actually sponsored by a gym here in Gatineau. I’m go to the gym 5 times a week (including 2 times with a coach) and we are mixing weight and cardio. At home, I’m trying to eat a lot of proteins, vegetables and fruits and try to avoid any types of carbs! I usually prepare my food on Sunday, since it’s hard to find time to cook during the week.

Let’s talk fashion! How do you pick your outfits for the pageants?

I’m actually still looking for a designer for my evening gown for the crowning gala! But during the week in Vancouver I will dress simple but chic just the way I love it!

What about hair and makeup? Do you plan the looks in advance?

I usually wear the same make up everytime, it’s very simple but it enhances my eyes and my freckles! I usually leave my hair down and wavy but if it’s too hot or rainy I will do a ponytail or a french plait.

What are the biggest misconceptions people have about pageants?

I think most of people think that pageants are only a physical beauty competition to see girls in swimsuit but times have changed. Now, they are also looking at personality and an open minded Miss World Canada. They actually removed the swimsuit competition from the pageant this year.

Since we are a fashion and beauty blog, would you mind answering a few personal questions?

I love fashion and beauty so why not!

Do you have a daily beauty routine?

Yes! I clean and moisturize in the morning and evening. I drink a lot of tea and water to keep my skin hydrated. I think it’s important to have good looking skin and to treat it right.

Let’s hear some of your favorites…
Piece of clothing you own: A green maxi summer dress, I wish I could wear it everyday during summer!
Place to shop for clothes: I love H&M and also Zara (for the basics).
Hair product: L’Oreal Ever Sleek Precious Oil Treatment, it makes your hair so soft!
Make up must haves: A blush I have from Lancome (Shimmer Pink Pool) and a eye liner from Make up Forever.

How would you describe your personal style?

Simple but chic, to be honest I wear black most of the time!

If money was no object – what designers would be in your dream closet?

Michael Costello, his dresses are absolutely gorgeous!

What is your favorite way to pamper yourself?

Take a hot bath, hydrate myself with a candy smelling cream and then a good book with a tea!

If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be?

With my family in south of France.

What is your favorite quote?

“To see changes you never seen, you need to do things you never did.”

Finally give us three words that describe you best.

Positive, generous and determined.

Feb 20, 2015

Rising Star: Amado & Co.


Amado [uh-mah-doh] 

This company is inspired by the colourful textiles of the warmer climates. Brought to you by a Canadian girl who just wants to keep warm.

Website: Amando & Co.
Instagram: AmadoAndCo


Your home needs to look fashionable too. Dress up any room and give it a little ethnic flair with these fab finds. If you can’t been in Mexico at least you can pretend like you are.


Here is a Q&A with Krystal Hess of Amando & Co.

How did you come up with the name and logo?

The name and logo are inspired by the country of origin – Mexico. The word Amado is Spanish word of endearment, it means darling, sweetheart. The skull represents the “calaveras” which are beautiful painted “sugar skulls” found all over Mexico.

Blankets are not just to keep you warm. Can you give our readers some tips on how they can use these blankets as decor for a room in their home?

These blankets are perfect for interior design, including but not limited as throws for couches or beds. They are super for brightening up coffee tables and/or side tables. They are also wicked to use as a runner on dining tables – that is, if you love texture and colour. The Amado & Co. blankets are perfect for adding just enough zip to a classic or contemporary style, or they fit right in with the modern decor as well. This photo of “Spring Break” (the name of our pink and green blanket) was sent to us from somebody who added it to their neutral and calming room.

If interior design isn’t for you, then use it for a calming meditation class, to hang out in the park on the grass, or of course, on the beach (where I feel they best belong). They are machine washable, so you can take them anywhere.

If you don’t want to pay for shipping online, check out our website for where you can find Amado & Co. in person.


Feb 18, 2015

Men of Nashville

Happy Wednesday – we’re halfway through the work week.

Since I am heading off to Nashville soon – I thought we would do something a little bit country this week.

Here you go ladies – Brett Eldredge, Luke Bryan, Dierks Bentley.

Luke Bryan

Brett Eldredge

Dierks Bentley

Feb 17, 2015

Adore Me Lingerie

So my new favourite site to shop for lingerie is Adore Me.

They have everything from Bras & Panties, Sleepwear, Corsets, a Be Sexy line (hawt), Legwear, Swimwear and Plus Sizes.

I’ve ordered from them several times and I am in love with their unlined bras (so comfy)…plus they come with the cutest matching panty.

And yes ladies there’s a full range of sizes from 32A-42G!





Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 1.08.23 PM

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 1.08.51 PM

Feb 14, 2015

Miuccia Prada

Feb 11, 2015

Jamie Dornan

Happy Wednesday! We’re halfway through the work week!





Feb 10, 2015

Perfect Pout

Here are a few tips to get the perfect pout.


The first step to getting softer and smoother lips is getting rid of dead skin cells – to do that you must exfoliate. I put a little baking soda on a wet cotton ball and gently massage my lips.

Keep your lips moisturized. I wear lip balm at night and when I am hanging out at home.

A tip from our mother – dab some olive oil on your lips to keep them soft and supple.

Don’t forget to protect your lips from the sun! Look for lip balms, lipsticks and lip conditioners with SPF.

Unless you were blessed with good genes (thank you Nonna) you have to use some tricks to give the illusion of fuller lips. Try dabbing a bit of gloss in the middle of your bottom and top lip.


[MAC Cosmetis, L’Oreal, TIGI, Younique]

Feb 8, 2015

Sunday Shoe Series No. 58

Vans Alomar

OTW By Vans Alomar NA Series Sneaker