Apr 26, 2016

Buy Less Choose Well

buy less choose well - bernardi beauty blog

I have a confession to make – I have things in my closet that still have the tags on them.

Impulse buys.

But, I have made a vow to myself that this year. I will learn to be a smarter shopper.

I decided that I would do a series of posts – to help others with the same problem.

Buy less and choose well.

I was inspired to make a change in my shopping habits – after I saw a segment Mary Ciancibello – Wardrobe Consultant did on CTV Morning Live Ottawa.

It was actually quite a while ago – but who is counting days. It’s the fact that I admitted I have a fashion flaw and am doing something about it that matters. Right?

Mary will be the emcee at the Hats, Heels and High Tea event in support of St. Patrick’s Home of Ottawa.

A modern twist on high tea – it will be an afternoon of hair, beauty and fashion.

Mary Ciancibello - Wardrobe Consultant

Mary Ciancibello – Wardrobe Consultant

Website: www.maryciancibello.com
Twitter: @MaryCiancibello

Mary is a bit of a fashion guru – she does it all from corporate seminars to helping people with their wardrobe – helping her clients creating modern, easy, put-together outfits that are perfect for their lifestyle.

We haven’t gone shopping together yet, but I am sure when we do, it will be epic.

Apr 20, 2016

A Little Dash of Fab

Oh my.

This boutique has some cute pieces.

A  Dash of Fab will be taking part in Hats, Heels & High Tea – so you will be in for quite the fashion show – with pieces that you can actually wear. I’ve been to some shows where one piece is the equivalent of a mortgage payment and if you have hips – forget about it.

If I had GPS in my Jeep or knew how to get to Arnprior or Renfrew – I would totally go. But, I think it’s better for my gas tank, if I just wait until the event.

Here are some pieces that caught my eye on the Dash of Fab Facebook page.

A Little Dash of Fab - BernardiBeautyBlog (4)

I love big bags – I cannot lie. (Get it???)

I might not be able to find anything in them but whatever – I need everything in it. The style of this is classic – so it will never go out of style. I also like that it doesn’t have a logo stamped all over it. It is very casual-chic.

A Little Dash of Fab - BernardiBeautyBlog (3)

Love this whole look – white is not my color but black – it goes with everything. I also kind of want the jeans too now. Both the black and denim.

A Little Dash of Fab - BernardiBeautyBlog (2)

I like to get dressed up – even when I’m going out to run errands on the weekend. Love this dress – it can be dressed up or down – so versatile. It also looks super comfy.

A Little Dash of Fab - BernardiBeautyBlog (1)

I just bought a jean jacket – so this dress would look perfect with it? That’s fashion fate….right?

Apr 19, 2016

#TextureTip: Amp it Up

ths thb tips

Do you have fine hair and want to add some volume? Of course you do – who doesn’t want to look sexy.

Check out this tip from Kara.


Blow-dry straight, fine, hair upside down, then smooth out ends to get a blowout effect that’s full of body in half the time.

Use a root spray like Sebastian Professional Volupt Spray to amp up your look.

Sebastian Professional Volupt Spray

If you have hair questions that you need answers to – let us know. Send us an email bernardibeauty@gmail.com – and we’ll get you answers.


Because we want everyone to have a good hair day.

Apr 15, 2016

Hats, Heels & High Tea

This year I am involved with Hats, Heels & High Tea in support of St. Patrick’s Home of Ottawa.

A modern twist on high tea – it will be an afternoon of hair, beauty and fashion.

Each week we will be offering a sneak peek of what you can look forward to at this year’s event.

First up – hair.

The team at Silver Scissors Salon will be on hand to offer advice and tips to guests. Here is our chat with Co-owner and Artistic Director Eli Saikaley.

Hat Heels High Tea - Bernardi Beauty Blog (3)

How did you get your start in the hair industry?

I started my career in 1983 on Bank Street, working for my brother-in-law who was trained around the world in hairdressing. I worked part time as a shampoo boy – as they called me back then – while I was studying accounting at Carleton University.

I knew on my first day that this was for me and never looked back! I went on to get expert worldwide training – so I could get my own feel on how I wanted to do hair.

Hat Heels High Tea - Bernardi Beauty Blog (2)

You recently celebrated the one year anniversary of the reopening of your salon – after it was destroyed in a fire. You had such an amazing and successful rebound – how did you get through it?

On April 9th 2015, our salon burned to the ground after 37 years, in a terrible fire. With help from our caring community, our amazing clients and friends, we were able to get up the next day and operate out of our sister salon on Riverside, Water Salon Spa. We knew that we would return to our home in the Glebe, where we started Silver Scissors Salon in 1979.

We are very grateful for all the love and helped we received – it pushed us to get back in business. Not reopening and not coming back to the Glebe was never an option!

Hat Heels High Tea - Bernardi Beauty Blog (1)

What is a popular hair trend for the summer?

A popular look for the summer is soft waves with a little lightning – balayage hair painting – a technique that allows to customize colour for every shape and hair look.

Aside from a good shampoo and conditioner, tell us some must have hair products every women should have, as a part of a regular hair regime.

Your shampoo and conditioner should suit the texture of your hair – keep in mind – one shampoo does not suit all hair types.

Treatments are also something that should be used to keep your hair feeling soft, shiny and easy to manage. Oils are also used quite a bit lately, as a finishing tool for shine and a silky smooth look.

I always have women tell me that they never get trims – because they like their hair long. I think this is one of the biggest hair care mistakes you can make. Tell our readers why it is so important to get regular trims.

Take care of your most important asset! Regular visits to a professional salon with licensed stylist are very crucial for all your hair needs.

Getting a trim contributes to hair growth. It allows the ends of the hair shaft to breathe, which helps the hair nourish and grow, not to mention your hair will feel and look healthy.

This all means a better blow style and a nicer finish at the ends.

Hat Heels High Tea - Bernardi Beauty Blog (1)

You are so heavily involved in the community – supporting so many charities. Why do you feel it’s so important to give back?

I always felt, even before I was a stylist and salon owner, that it is very important for me to help and give back any way I could. The feeling of helping people in need is amazing, it is something that money can not buy. The community is aware of helpful efforts and it does not go without appreciation and gratefulness. Giving back has help me grow and help my business in ways I never knew it could.

This is one industry where it shows when you love your craft.

“Love what you do.” – Eli

Apr 8, 2016

Glam it up

Glam it up - BernardiBeautyBlog (1)

2nd Annual Loft Gala
April 30, 2016

Official Website: www.loftgala.ca

Glitz, glamour and elegance.

There is something about the timeless beauty of old Hollywood – which is the theme for this year’s Loft Gala at the Hilton Lac-Leamy. The music, decor and fashion for the evening – will transport guests back to the 1950’s – big band included.

The fundraiser, raising money for clinical trials and life coaching, will be emceed by CTV Morning Live’s Sarah Freemark.

The meal will be paired/prepared by Denis Girard, the Hilton’s Executive Chef.

Click here to find more about the black tie event and the shows for the evening.

Glam it up - BernardiBeautyBlog (2)

So ladies are you wondering what to wear to a gala like this?

You have to channel your inner  – Ava Gardner, Rita Hayworth and Marilyn Monroe.

Let’s take a look at the hairstyles, beauty and fashion trends from the golden era of Hollywood. Time to hit those vintage shops.

Fashion: Tailored clothing, gorgeous gowns, and dazzling jewels and bold statement pieces.

And of course – diamonds.

I think my favorite look from this era was the famous black, satin, gown Rita Hayworth wore in Gilda.

Silk with ruching and thigh-split satin gowns were also popular in this era.

Glam it up - BernardiBeautyBlog

Beauty and Hair: Mascara was the favorite makeup accessory. Pastels were very popular makeup shades – as well as red lips – simple and classic.

For hair – Veronica Lake’s Hollywood waves will never go out of fashion. Large, well-defined curls with a deep-set side part. And, tell your hair stylist to get their bobby pins ready – because updo’s were also popular.

Glam it up - BernardiBeautyBlog


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