Sep 1, 2015

Countdown to kick-off

Opening weekend of the 2015-2016 NFL  season is almost here.

I. Cannot. Wait.

It’s probably my favorite day of the year.

Every August Old Navy releases a collection of NFL t-shirts for men, women and kids.

View the full collection here.



Aug 21, 2015

It’s All About The Good Jeans

Jeans are one of those iconic wardrobe staples. We are always on the hunt for that perfect pair. And, even though we love to wear them, we hate trying them on – because the process can take forever before we find ‘the one’.

Shopping Tip: Jeans will stretch with wear – so make sure they fit a bit snug when you buy them.
Fashion Tip: For casual Fridays, go with a dark denim wash for a more polished look.

Here are some styles from one of our favorite spots to shop for jeans – American Eagle Outfitters.

A.E.O JeggingSo comfortable. You get the best of both worlds – the look of a jean but the feel of a legging. Low rise waist, legging-like fit with a skinny leg opening. Pair with a pair of boots or booties.

A.E.O Kick Boot: Mid rise waist, slim thru knee with a boot leg opening. Pair with a pair of boots, booties or ballet flats.


A.E.O Skinny:  High rise waist and slim thru entire leg. Wear with heels for a sexy look for a night out.


Aug 18, 2015

Hats off to Fall

Hats are the ultimate accessory.

They can add a chic look to an outfit.

They are an awesome solution for a bad hair day.

They offer protection from the sun. The Bernardi sisters are all about sun protection. It is one of the best pieces of beauty advice we received from our Mother. It doesn’t matter what season it is: Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall – protect your skin from the sun.

Fashion Fact: The Kentucky Derby is the largest hat fashion event in America.

Love this faux suede fedora from Forever 21 for that 70’s boho chic look.


Aug 13, 2015

Holistics Hair Bliss

maple holistics_logo

Twitter: @MapleHolistics
Facebook: Maple Holistics

How did Maple Holistics get started and what makes you different from other brands?

Maple Holistics started off as a two man operation in a house with one goal in mind: helping people lead healthier lives through the holistic approach. What makes Maple Holistics different than other brands is, we care about every drop of every ingredient that goes into our products. The proprietary formulaic composition of each product stands out in uniqueness, quality, and effectiveness. Only the purest and highest quality ingredients are used in each product, maximizing the therapeutic potential for each specific area of health. Our expert Research and Development team is constantly engaged in creating new products.

Green products are becoming more and more popular – there is a growing consumer demand for natural products. What does the term holistic mean?

It makes sense that natural products are in higher and higher demand due to the proven effectiveness of the natural, or holistic, approach. The definition of holistic is treating a whole as the sum of its parts, contrary to popular belief. What this means is that we focus on individual aspects of the body when it comes to treatment. For example, when we formulated our degrease shampoo it was in light of more than just oily hair, but rather the solution to the many other problems that oily hair can cause, such as, acne on one’s hairline or an itchy scalp.

You use essential oils in your hair products. Can you explain to our readers what some the benefits are of using these oils?

The benefits of essential oils are really numerous and endless.

Here is the formula and benefits of our Argan Shampoo:

Argan: Also known as ‘Moroccan Oil’ and one of the rarest oils in the world, argan helps supply shine and a healthy look to hair with its abundance of vitamin E, carotene and essential fatty acids.

Peach Kernel: Contributes valuable regenerative and moisturizing properties, and is great for sensitive skin.

Jojoba: As it closely resembles sebum naturally produced by the scalp, jojoba is one of the skincare industry’s most favored ingredients and has a host of therapeutic properties.

Avocado: Enriches the formula with its high vitamin content, which includes vitamins A, B1, B2, D, and E.

Camellia Seed: Nourishes the complexion and helps condition the scalp, while providing healthy antioxidants to rejuvenate hair and scalp alike.

Almond: An excellent moisturizer, which is rich in proteins, olein glyceride, linoleic acid and vitamin D to help soothe dry and irritated areas on the scalp.

Botanical Keratin: Keratin is a family of fibrous structural proteins, which contribute to the composition of hair. As it is essential to hair’s formation, insufficient quantities of keratin may be a contributing factor to having frizzy and unmanageable hair. This naturally derived ingredient helps to replenish the ideal keratin content for strong, durable hair.

Honey and Vanilla: With their light and sweet fragrances, these ingredients enrich the formula for a balanced and soothing experience.

You can find a complete list of every ingredient and their benefits of each of our products on our website

What are some of your customer’s favorite products?

Our customers are loving the Argan shampoo paired with the silk 18 conditioner. They feel it gives an all-around rejuvenating hair care experience. For skin care the Dead Sea Mud Mask is by far our most popular product. The Dead Sea’s proven healing properties are its own best seller.

I love that you have a blog on your website. Do you find that it helps educate your customers on your products and philosophy?

Yes we feel having an informative blog right on our website is the best way to educate our customers and share our way of life. Similar to how you and bloggers like yourself share valuable advice to those open enough to hear it!


Seven days. Resort in Barbados. Hot Caribbean sun. Salty sea water. Hours by the pool.

A recipe for disaster for your hair right?

Not so much.

I brought along only my Argan Special Formula Shampoo and Silk18 Conditioner to use for the entire week I was on vacation. My aim was to hopefully not have dried out, frizzy hair by the end of blissful stay at the Seabreeze Resort.

And cue the angelic hair angels voices singing.

My hair, pardon the bragging, was soft and manageable and full of volume. Loved the consistency of the product – it wasn’t heavy and didn’t weigh my hair down. And at the end of every day all that salt water and pool water and wind and sun was tamed.

It was even gentle enough to use on my kids. No tears. No stinging eyes.

And the smell – just sweet smells of honey and vanilla.

Loved this combo.

Aug 11, 2015

Beaded Dreams

Beaded Dreams is an Aboriginal family owned and run gift shop located in Ottawa specializing in Native Canadian and American arts & crafts.


Beaded Dreams is a family owned and run gift shop. Can you tell us a bit about how it got started?

My parents started Beaded Dreams over 20 years ago after much success selling their goods on the Pow Wow trail across Canada and the United States. They wanted to have their own brick & mortar shop that they could call their own and be able to put their own stamp and mark on something. I used to help out as a youngster, making earrings, necklaces, chokers and other items, and in 2007 I started to work full time at the shop. Within a year or so my parents passed the shop down to me and I’ve been running it ever since. I love it.

What is the mission of Beaded Dreams?

Our mission is to support indigenous artists and to keep this beautiful culture alive.

You recently redesigned your logo. Where did you get the inspiration for the new look.

Yes, I’m extremely happy with the new logo and branding. The triangle shape is that of a teepee. There is more than 1 triangle, which could mean many things, but I like to look at it as a gateway to another world or to the past. We added the tree in the middle as a symbol of nature and mother earth. The colours are inspired from red coral and the turquoise stone, which is found in a lot of southwest silver jewelry. I’ve been getting a lot of great feedback on the new logo, which makes me happy.


Many of the handmade jewelry pieces are made in store. Typically how long does each piece take?

Every piece is different. Sometimes it could take as little as an hour and sometimes a complicated piece can be hours and days worth of work.

Do you make custom pieces as well?

Yes I do. In fact I just finished a custom jewelry set for an August wedding. Our customer was thrilled with it!


Why did you decide to expand into an online store?

We had a go at the online store last fall. I wasn’t too happy with our website, and the platform we were using wasn’t up to par with other e-commerce sites. We took that site down and I decided to go with local e-commerce/POS company Shopify and I built a brand new site from top to bottom. It took a few months to get the new site up and running, but I really feel we have an excellent online shopping experience for our customers.

Is there any cultural significance in the different materials and colors that you use in your pieces?

We use a lot of traditional materials and colours in our collections such as deer, horn, bone, glass crow and seed beads to name a few. A lot of the colour and design is an expression of one’s self and it is always amazing to me on how much beautiful and different artistic creations make their way into the shop from other First Nations artists. That being said, there is a lot of cultural significance with designs, colours, materials that I could go on and on about it. And of course, there is still always so much to learn about it.


You recently did a photo shoot – tell us about that experience.

This was our second photoshoot that we did for Beaded Dreams. I wanted to capture not just our products, but an emotion and vibe in these photos.

We had a beautiful model (Rebekah Elkerton) who we’d actually met through our friend and past model from our last shoot (Kammy Alexson), and we decided to head up to Mackezie King Estate in Gatineau Parc to capture these shots. It was really a lot of fun, and we had an excellent team. Corey J. Stone: make-up, Josee Martel: stylist, Kevin Burke: assistant, and I am a photographer so that makes it even easier.

We are planning another shoot in August which will also have some video along with the photography.

Do you have anything else you want to share with our readers?

Yes, please check us out on social media – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Aug 9, 2015

Sunday Shoe Series No. 72


 Sophie – Steve Madden

Aug 6, 2015

Trucker Hat Obsession

The Bernardi sisters have an obsession.

Trucker hats.

Fashion History: Originally they were associated with farmers, truck drivers and other rural/blue collar workers – starting in and around the 1970’s. In the early 2000’s they became a part of mainstream fashion and popular with celebrities.

Why do we love them? They offer a stylish option, when you are having a bad hair day and can add to a outfit when a baseball cap is a little too casual.



Aug 4, 2015

Style Your Life Giveaway


stella & dot Fall 2015 Look Book

stella & dot’s mission is to give every woman the means to style her own life. They have a vision of the world where STRONG WOMEN LIVE BOLD and joyful lives. They know what they want and they work for it. They inspire each other. Passion and joy are their best accessories.

Independent Stylist Nadia Ferrante wants to style your life by giving away a piece from the Fall collection.

Fall 1

How can you qualify?

It’s super simple. All you have to do is take a look at the collection and comment on Nadia’s stella & dot Facebook page – telling her which piece you love best. See. It’s so easy.

stella & dot’s new fall collection is available to view online here.  Then click here to comment on Nadia’s Facebook page.

Nadia will draw a name from all those who commented and the winner will be announced on Saturday, August 8, 2015.

NOTE: stella & dot Independent Stylists are not eligible for this giveaway because Nadia is planning something special for you.

If you want to see the collection in person or want to earn product for FREE, message Nadia! She is booking dates for trunk shows August thru to October.

Fall 2

Jul 31, 2015

Trending: Babylights

Babylights are very thin – hence the term baby – highlights applied around the face/ends of the hair to give it depth/movement.

Babylights are fine/subtle so as your hair grows it gives you a softer look  – a great option if you are looking for something that is low-maintenance.

Babylights can be done in any shade to match any skintone and hair color/type.

The downside is that because the pieces of hair are so fine – the application takes longer. But, that is the price we must pay for beauty.