Jul 27, 2014

Sunday Shoes Series: No. 43



Jul 25, 2014

2014 Wella Professionals North American Trend Vision Awards


Beauty, passion, fashion, trends, art and hair magic.

Those are some of the words I would use to describe the Wella Professionals North American Trend Vision Awards (NATVA) show.

This year NATVA took place in L.A. – very fitting that this show took place in one of the most glamorous places on earth.

NATVA is the largest awards program in North America and it continues to grow – this year there were over 1000 entries from Stylist across the United States and Canada.

For the third year in a row, the show was hosted by Amy Paffrath of VH1′s Dating Naked.

There were 43 Stylists competing in three categories: Student, Young Talent and Color.

“We believe in the magic of hairdressers, because we know it’s always the heart that matters most.”
Wella Professionals

The video presentations throughout the show were amazing - all of them were captivating and beautifully put together.

I loved the one at the onset of the awards show – it was a great representation of the vision and mission of Wella Professionals.

“It’s the pride in hairdressing that unites us, drives us and propels us forward.”
Wella Professionals

In attendance were a number of industry leaders and Stylists from across North America – there was even a performance by Blondie. Yup. When in the land of Hollywood…


The always captivating Fabio Sementilli, Vice President for Wella Education, North America. I like to think of him as the hair yoda - filled with so much wisdom.


Salvatore Mauceri, CEO, Wella North America. (Above); Carole Protat, Creative Director, Wella North America. (Below)


Here is a look from the Sassoon presentation – the Sassoon Creative Team was led by Traci Sakosits, North American Creative Director and Richie Rivera, North American Color Director.


Here is a look from the Sebastian Professional presentation. The team was led by DOAM – Diva Poulos, Omar Antonio, Anthony Cole and Marylle Koken.


Here are some looks from the presentation by Hester Wernert-Rijn from the Wella Professionals Global Creative Team.



Congratulations to all the winners. The Stylists who took home gold will compete at the International Trend Visions Awards which will be held in Monaco in November.

Student Category – USA



Gold – Ashton Morgan
Silver – Haley Marshall
Bronze – Autumn Macias

Student Category – CANADA



Gold – Amanda Stellato
Silver – Brenda Hurtado
Bronze – Cindy Ngo

Young Talent Category – USA


Gold – Alisha Basham
Silver – Todd Da Silva
Bronze – Taylor Smith

Young Talent Category – CANADA


Gold – Fernando Monge
Silver – Olivia Chafe
Bronze – Rick Basil

Color Category – USA


Gold – Brenton Lee
Silver – Michael Haase
Bronze – Shirley Gordon

Color Category – CANADA


Gold – Emily Murphy
Silver – Anna-Mira Predescu
Bronze – Mathieu Hubert

Ottawa made it’s mark once again…

Ottawa was well represented at the 2014 NATVA.

Texture Hair Salon made history last year, when they had 5 of their Stylist names as finalist – this year they did it again with Hannah Currie, Katrina Kuras, Brenda Hurtado, Karla Fredeen and Marie-Line Rangel Perez.


Here are some pics of the Texture team at NATVA. (Top L-R) Damien, Ramsey, Ziad, Donato.
(Bottom L-R) Brenda, Courtney, Josee, Hannah.


My favorite part of the show was seeing the looks on these ladies faces – as they watched their models present their hair creations.

The team at Texture Hair Salon and Texture Hair Boutique, represent everything that Wella Professionals stands for – passion, pride and creativity. We are very lucky to have teamed up with a salon that has so much talent.

Brenda Hurtado, took home silver in the Student Category.



Love this winning moment caught on camera!










Jul 24, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Wanda’s Beauty Salon

This is our Mother hanging outside her salon with one of her Stylist.

She is sitting on a mustang - my Mother and Father both had one in the 70′s.

Yes our parents were very Hollywood. xo


Jul 23, 2014

The Rock

Good morning ladies.

Happy Wednesday! We’re halfway through the work week.

Dwayne Douglas Johnson aka “The Rock” – former football player, WWE star and now actor.

Canadian connection: He played for the Calgary Stampeders.


Jul 16, 2014

Kate Moss

“If I’m going dancing, then I wear the highest heels with the shortest dress.”

Kate Moss

Jul 12, 2014

Summer fashion love


 Dress: Tobi
Sandals: Sam Edelman

Jul 10, 2014

Wanted: Experienced Stylist

Guess who is hiring?

This is perfect timing – we gotta show the West End some love too.

The sister salon of Texture Hair Salon – Texture Hair Boutique is looking for an experienced Stylist to join their team.

Check out their Facebook page and the bios on the website to learn a little more about the boutique and their staff.

A few months ago we featured one of their Stylist – Luigi Cava – you can read his interview here: Man of the West: Luigi Cava.

we are hiring


Jul 10, 2014

Road to Trend Vision: Picture Perfect

I’ve always loved looking at pictures of hairstyles. Growing up, I remember flipping through the pages of Modern Salon magazine. The pictures featured were perfect – not one hair out of place.

With the Trend Visions Awards – each year I am amazed by the beautiful creations of haute couture hair art. The Stylists who enter this competition have immense talent and are incredibly creative.

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I have some of my favorite hair pictures hanging up on the walls of my powder room. To me they are just as beautiful as any painting hanging in a gallery.

So when I got the opportunity to watch the making of a Trend Vision entry from beginning to end with the Texture team – I jumped at the chance.

What a great experience to be behind the scenes with some amazing Stylists – it’s great to see people with passion.

I got to talk to some of the hair models – some were veterans others were first timers. They came from all backgrounds – student, lawyer, waitress to name a few – and all different ages. But, they did have one thing in common – they gave carte blanche to their Stylists.

“Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.”
― Mattie J.T. Stepanek


What made the biggest impression on me was the teamwork and the encouragement this team gave each other. It was nice to see. Everyone from the salon was helping out – it was really a team effort.

So much work goes into these entries – I really had no idea of all the steps involved.

Day 1: Bleach the hair out and the cut.

Some may have found this boring but I loved it. This was the base for the look. This made what I saw the next day even more amazing.

I watched the Stylists cut their models hair – I just love the sound of scissors cutting hair – it reminds me of my Mother.

I got to talk to some of the models and get to know them a little bit. So many interesting stories. Lindsay Gordon is a gem!

Day 2: Color, make up, wardrobe and photo shoot.

When I got to the salon it was a little crazy – there was so much going on. But, it was well organized chaos – all thanks to Courtney, Salon Manager. She was doing 100 things but kept everything flowing.

The music was going, the photographer was set up, then there was all the sounds and smells of the salon you could imagine.

It was amazing to see how the skeletons of  each look were transformed with the application of color and texture.

Once the makeup was on you could see the looks come to life even more.

The wardrobe selections and fittings were fascinating to watch. FYI – what I learned that day is that there is more then one way to wear a trench coat. This was the final piece of the puzzle in helping each Stylist interpret their vision of the trend they had chosen.

The last step was the photo shoot. There are so many things to think of – angels of the body and the head, the expression of the models face, lightening, background – the list goes on. Then there was the big task of choosing a picture.

Now I have trouble deciding what to eat at a restaurant. I cannot imagine having to choose a picture that has so much riding on it. But it was great to see how the team supported each other – as they huddled around the laptop giving their feedback. It’s easier to make big decisions when you are not alone.

A special thanks to Texture Hair Salon for letting me be a part of some hair magic – I loved every minute of it!

Hair art there is nothing else like it.


Stylist: Suzanne Pack


Stylist: Chelsea Mann


Stylist: Josee Jacques


Stylist: Natalie Thompson


 Stylist: Ramsey Sayah


Stylist: Karla Fredeen



Stylist: Marie-Line Rangel Perez


In all, five Stylist from Texture Hair Salon were named as Finalist in the North American Trend Vision Awards competition and will compete live in LA on July 20, 2014. Good luck ladies!