Oct 22, 2014

George Clooney

Happy Wednesday – we’re halfway through the workweek.

He is an actor, filmmaker and once again a husband.


Oct 19, 2014

KrisTEN Wood, Beauty Maven

A slice of pie, a burning desire and a whole lot of hustle. That’s how a beauty maven is made.

Here is our interview with Kristen Wood, Founder & CEO, The Ten Spot Beauty Bars and Get Nailed Beauty.


Website: The Ten Spot Beauty Bars
Twitter: @thetenspot
Facebook: The Ten Spot
Instagram: thetenspot

The 10 Spot is an anti beauty bar specializing in manicures, pedicures, waxing and facials. Define “anti-spa” for us.

Anti Spa is a term we kind of created for ourselves, we have built a niche in the beauty world where we fit in perfectly. We wanted people to know that even though we do manis/pedis/facials and waxing – we aren’t into the white fluffy robes, whale music or chakra balancing – we’re all about upscale yet efficient services done in an ultra-clean environment.


I love, love, love the vintage/old school look of your logo. How did you come up with the design?

Thank you! We’ve always had a little retro feel to us (we love those 1950’s script fonts in contrast with the modern/bold typefaces). THE TEN SPOT font and treatment has always remained the same but I like to have fun with the placement of it (on a slant, up and down, dead center) and I always like to play with what font I used for the ‘beauty bar’ tag.

If you could design your own custom nail polish, what colour would it be and what would it be called?

THE TEN SPOT actually carries it’s own line of polish, scrubs and lotions called GET NAILED®! As you can guess, the names are a bit cheeky. My favourite shade from our collection is called ‘Shhhh, You’ll Wake My Dad’. It’s a light pink.


I read “Top 10 Reason Why THE TEN SPOT is Better Than the Others” is this sort of like THE TEN SPOT mission statement?

Those top ten reasons are not our mission statement but they are some great key points about THE TEN SPOT that we want our guest to know about. Our full mission statement (ie: what we strive to be behind closed doors) is pretty straight forward:

To blow our guests away with our sleek style and savvy service with a fun and friendly upscale ‘anti-spa’ beauty bar experience; delivering efficient yet impeccably executed services while maintaining the utmost in hygiene standards.

You were named one of PROFIT/Chatelaine W100 top Canadian female entrepreneurs for 2014. Congratulations! What did that mean to you professionally and personally?

Thanks, it has been a great honor both personally and professionally to even be considered amongst 99 other Canadian female entrepreneurs. When I first started THE TEN SPOT I never dreamt it could be this big, and I have had great pleasure in watching it grow. Being recognized as one of our PROFIT/Chatelaine W100 is not just a recognition for myself it is a recognition for all the women who run a 10Spot because without them I wouldn’t be here today.

I know I was only supposed to keep it to 5 questions – but I really wanted to know the answer to this. On the website it says THE TEN SPOT concept was created over a slice of pie you were sharing with your friend Craggie one night in 2006. Now when you say pie do you mean the dessert kind or pie as in NYC style pizza?

It was definitely the dessert kind! It was probably Strawberry Rhubarb and we were at little place on Queen West called Tequila Bookworm, but I don’t think it is there anymore. Sad face.

Oct 17, 2014

Finger Waves

A style first made popular in the 1920’s, this is a method of setting hair by forming waves or curls using your fingers, clips and a tail comb.

This is a beautiful look that suits everybody – there are so many variations of this style that it can be worn day or night.

This look takes a lot of practice so if it’s for a special occasion, my advice is to have a Stylist do it. But if you have the time and patience, look on YouTube and there are plenty of tutorials. Good luck!

finger waves

If you are brave enough to attempt this look on your own here are some tips:

Your hair needs to be wet, in order for the waves to hold their shape.
Use a generous amount of styling mousse to help hold the waves.
Allow your hair to air-dry before you remove the clips.
Use a generous amount of hairspray at the end to hold the look together.

Depending on the occasion, for make-up, you can either go with a subtle look with a nude lip or more dramatic with a smokey eye and bold red lip.

Oct 15, 2014

Channing Tatum

Happy Wednesday – we’re halfway through the workweek.

Channing Tatum has a new movie coming out called Foxcatcher.


Oct 14, 2014

Rising Star: Fuchsia Wild


Website: www.fuchsiawild.com
Instagram: fuchsiawild
Twitter: @FuchsiaWild
Facebook: Fuchsia Wild
Pinterest: Fuchsia Wild

Fuchsia Wild is a new online fashion boutique providing fashion that fuels free spirits. Here is our interview with owner Sarah Ollson.

How did you come with the name and concept behind Fuchsia Wild?

The concept of Fuchsia Wild developed from a dream I’ve had since I was young. I’ve always dreamt of owning a fashion boutique. In December 2013 I began implementing that dream. Although my original idea had always been a brick and mortar store in Ottawa, the dream evolved to become a more nomadic and limitless dream with endless possibilities… the world wide web! The concept behind the name was tons of fun. I wanted a name that gave people a freeing feeling. I wanted the name to set the tone for a shopping experience that encourages freedom of expression.

How do you decide what pieces to add to Fuchsia Wild’s collection?

I’ve had a lot of time to research different brands across the globe. I have been slowly making contacts and building my collection of brands I will carry. I look for brands that vibe together well, that compliment each other. I do my due diligence with each brand making sure all the details are where I want them to be. When a brand I love allows me to carry their line it’s incredibly exciting! The brands that I have coming soon are over the top amazing. I cannot wait to release some of the treasures that are on their way.



Limited Edition Muscle Tee

The biggest problem I have with online shopping is choosing the right size. It’s so stressful. So when I read that you offer your clients help choosing their size and advice on creating an outfit using the pieces you sell – I was so impressed. When my clothing fits well and an outfit works, it makes me feel good. What customer experience do you want to create for your clients?

I want my clients to be satisfied after they make their purchase. That is the absolute most important goal when it comes to my clients. I would rather not make a sale than have my clients unhappy with their purchase. If I can help someone make the best choice for them, I’m thrilled. If someone has questions or doubts I would love for them to write to me because I know the collection well and I feel I could really help with their choices. I want my clients to feel confident and comfortable in the pieces they choose from Fuchsia Wild.


 Bel Air Skinny Trackies in Midnight

How do you keep up with all the trends?

Keeping up with the trends is the easiest part of this business. My entire personal Instagram account is fashion. The internet is filled with different avenues for us to see what’s hot now. I have an innate desire to watch trends evolve. Being naturally interested in fashion really makes it easy.


Compact iPhone5 Case

What are some of the must haves for the Fall?

I’m obsessed with some of the trends happening this fall. A few things that we should all think of this fall:

– An ankle boot. Flat or heeled. A bit of a pointed toe.

– Don’t be afraid to wear white… even after Labour Day.

– Distressed denim can be dressed up… with a blouse and heels, a pair of distressed boyfriends jeans are sexy.

– An oversized white tee can go a long way. Dress it up, layer it, tie it, love it.

– Try layering and pairing things you wouldn’t expect. Have fun in your closet. Be experimental and utilize pieces in new ways… be free!

How would you describe your personal style?

I like to think outside the box when it comes to my own personal style. I love mixing and matching things that weren’t designed to be paired together. My style has a bit of hippie inspiration. I like things to flow and I like to be comfortable.

This city has a reputation for being very conservative, but I think that is slowly changing. I would love Ottawa to be alongside Toronto and Montreal, when people think of Canadian fashion meccas. Where would you like to see the Ottawa fashion industry in 5 years?

I would love to see the Ottawa population embrace their inner fashion sense over the next few years. I really think Ottawa has some serious potential to be more fashion forward. It’s not just fashion that I think we can embrace more, I would like to see this city continue to evolve in embracing music and art as well… fashion will follow!

Let’s hear some of your favorites…

fashion brand or designer: Show Me Your Mumu. Incredible patterns and designs… like art.
piece of clothing you own: Currently obsessed with oversized tees, white with a deep scoop neck please!
pair of shoes: Lately I’m craving an amazing pair of gold studded ankle boots by Anine Bing.
accessory: Loving Kim & Zozi hippie bling bracelets… on their way to Fuchsia Wild!

What is your favorite way to pamper yourself?

Hot yoga!

Finally pick three words that describe you best.

Free Spirit. Adventurous.

Oct 11, 2014

Get your sweater on

Fall is here. That means Fall fashions are here too.

Check out these stylish and cozy sweaters and knits.


Knitted top


Textured Loop Knit Sweater
Forever 21


Rupert Sweater


Tweed Raglan Sweater

Oct 10, 2014

Hair Product Guide: Coarse Hair

I’ve got a hair secret.

Do you know why your hair looks so good when you leave the salon – aside from the fact that a Stylist just did it – it’s the products they use.

The difference between salon hair products and drugstore hair products is quality. Although they contain many of the same ingredients – they don’t have them at the same levels/quantities – which are listed from highest to lowest on the bottle. Salon products contain more of the ingredients your hair needs – proteins, moisturizers – all important for the hair shaft.

“If Pantene did what they claim, don’t you think every salon would have some?”
– Mark King

You are a walking advertisement for your Hair Stylist – they want your hair to look good. The products they use and suggest will help you maintain your hairstyle after you leave the salon.

Tip: Pay attention to how much product your Hair Stylist uses and how they apply it to your hair. Also don’t be afraid to ask questions.


Natalie Thompson aka the #QueenofGlam has come up with an ultimate hair product guide. All the products are available at Texture Hair Salon and Texture Hair Boutique.

This week: Coarse Hair

The Ultimate Hair Product Guide


Description: This multi-sensorial oil, with macadamia seed oil, avocado oil and vitamin E, known as a natural anti-oxidant, instantly reveals the beautiful, natural reflections of hair color with a very lightweight technology that makes hair feel incredibly light and supple.

Application: Three different ways…

Conditioning — apply a few drops of oil onto damp hair for an instant, lightweight smoothing effect.
Styling — apply a few drops of oil to wet hair before you dry* for additional protection.
Finishing — apply after styling to give hair extra shine, and to intensify colour reflection.


Description: Mild frizz-tamer with essential avocado oil leaves hair touchably supple without heavy product feel.

Application: Dispense a few drops in your palms. glide through damp hair for light-definition and frizz control. Blow-dry for a smooth, natural finish. Use hot tools on dry hair for a softly defined style.


Photo Credits: Texture Boutique’s very own Katarina – she has an eye for beauty.

Oct 9, 2014

The Ten Spot – Westboro


Website: The Ten Spot Beauty Bars
Twitter: @thetenspot
Facebook: The Ten Spot
Instagram: thetenspot

One of our favorite ways to pamper ourselves is to get a manicure or pedicure.

Recently we tried out The Ten Spot in Westboro for some gel manicures. The atmosphere is unlike any other beauty bar we’ve been to. It was modern, airy and chic.

All the staff was great – professional, friendly and down to earth. It was such a relaxing experience, we chatted with them and watch the movie they had playing in the background. The hand massage at the end was one of the best parts! It was heavenly.

It’s those little touches that make The 10 Spot so unique.

(P.S. They also send appointment confirmation and follow up thank you e-mails. We loved that too!)

The 10 Spot Westboro Bernardi Beauty Blog Review



The 10 Spot also offers a whole wide range of services – check out their service menu here.

FYI – The waxing rooms look amazing and are equipped with television screens so you can watch a movie during your appointment.

The 10 Spot Westboro Bernardi Beauty Blog Review

Read this too! Top 10 Reasons Why THE TEN SPOT is better than the others